How the Military Uses Sandbags

Military Sandbag UsesIf you have ever seen military movies, you know the military uses sandbags for many purposes so that they can avoid danger and stay as safe as possible. You are probably wondering what sandbags can do for people in active war zones and other emergency situations, and you will soon find the answer. 

This guide points you in the right direction and reveals how sandbags work to keep the men and women of the military alive in harsh conditions. Bags of sand weigh around 50 pounds and create a powerful barrier when stacked next to each other. When no alternatives are available, the bags reduce the odds of injury and death and let the military work on their mission with confidence. 

Sandbags for Shelter

Members of the military often find themselves in unpleasat weather conditions while they are working toward their mission. Depending on where they are deployed, they can face blizzards, wind, sandstorms and many other problems that can prevent them from focusing on the task at hand. Military members work in pairs to fill and distribute bags of sand to create a shield from the weather. 

By stacking the bags 6 feet high, they become safe from blowing sand and snow, and they also keep their equipment out of harm's way. Sandbags do wonders when it comes to protecting people, vehicles and computers from the elements, making it a little easier to complete the mission. 

Sandbags for Cover

One of the harsh realities of being in a war zone is that an attack can happen at any time, and the enemy will often strike when the troops least expect to face the threat. Enemy troops can unleash a firestorm of bullets to kill as many people as possible and to prevent friendly troops from regrouping. Although sand feels soft when you touch it, filled sandbags are powerful bullet-stoppers that provide cover from enemy fire. 

A single bag of sand is enough to stop most handgun rounds in their tracks. It will even stop some rifle rounds from reaching the other side. By stacking bags of sand in two rows, the military can stop a 50-caliber round from harming those on the inside, providing everyone with peace of mind. 

Sandbags for Flood Protection

The military also steps in to help when natural disasters strike and cause widespread devastation. People look to the armed forces for help when they don’t know where else they should turn. During pipe bursts and strong storms, troops use emergency sandbags to keep floodwaters at bay for as long as possible, which saves money and keeps people alive. A wall made from these bags can keep entire cities safe from what would otherwise destroy them in no time. 

Sandbags for Working Out

Military members deployed in distant locations don’t have access to the same training equipment they once enjoyed, but they can take advantage of bags of sand. With the right training plan, they can use filled sandbags as weights, but they can even use them to work on their agility and balance. 

While many people dismiss sandbags as only having one or two uses, a closer look reveals that with a little creativity and resourcefulness will take you far when you want to protect yourself and stay in shape. Sandbags have saved many lives and helped members of the military to complete a range of missions, and they will continue doing so for years to come.

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