Jute Blankets Provide Warmth for the Landscape

Blankets are not just for decorating your bed or keeping you warm on the couch. Tender plants need seasonal protection too. Whether it is from snow, ice, freezing, thawing, high winds, and harsh sunlight, there are several things can be done to keep your plants warm and safe as we move closer to November. Plant blankets made of jute fibers – burlap – guard against cold without suffocating susceptible plants that are too big and well-rooted to move to a simple cold frame shelter or indoors.


Expert gardeners and landscapers know they need to cover large shrubs and small trees with burlap in fall and winter to protect them from wind damage and sagging or broken branches from the weight of snow or ice. They know a plastic tarp will not provide the same breathable insulation needed to prevent frost damage while letting in light and moisture crucial for healthy plants.

If you garden throughout the year, then you probably already have burlap fabric rolls and tarps being used for other reasons and they can be recycled until they wear out, tear, and need to be replaced. Full-size tarps are conveniently cut into pieces to fit smaller shrubs and trunks of saplings preventing frost damage while creating a natural and aesthetically pleasing look. You may have used these tarps initially to:

  • Seed your yard
  • Conserve moisture to root new grass or seedlings
  • Reduce slope erosion
  • Shade plants from summer heat
  • Provide a windscreen
  • Protect from foraging animals and insects
  • Weed matting

One hundred percent jute tarps and rolls are great when you need bigger blankets to wrap large shrubs and conifers to protect limbs from damaging winds and heavy snow. Using bamboo teepee style frames keeps heavier wraps from direct contact with the plant, allowing more airspace and protection from frost down to 30 degrees. These work well around large boxwoods and prevent the branches from splitting, splaying, and even breaking under heavy snow and ice. This also shelters branches and foliage from freezing windburn.

blog4-2Garden ornaments can be protected from the weather too.  These investments have been carefully selected to accent your yard or garden and a snow or ice storm can damage them.  Burlap blankets help them make it safely to spring. Alternating freezing and thawing can crack or crumble stone and cement. Outdoor containers, like urns and birdbaths, can be drained and covered.

In the landscape industry, custom covers are made for contractors and haulers to protect your plants from wind burn while being transported. They know the open weave fabric allows air and water to enter which helps keep the plants cool in summer and warm in the winter. Caring for your plants means making sure you have plenty of burlap blankets on hand. You are guaranteed to get your money’s worth out of this material time and time again.

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