NYP Introduces the Diamond Tree Basket

NYP Introduces the Diamond Tree Basket

A new product has been launched by NYP Corp after years of developing, testing, and field trials at premier nurseries. The Diamond Tree Basket™ is a revolutionary benefit to field crews and nurserymen for a variety of industrial and retail applications, saves time and labor, costs less than the traditional methods in the operation of the needed basket, and will improve the bottom-line of the customers' businesses.

Testing was performed in all soil types and conditions using the most usually-used old and new hydraulic spades. After the field crews dug and then packed a variety of field-grown shrubs and trees, the tree wire basket was reported to be of great success in outperforming the traditional loop and ring style.

The tree wire basket has been used by nurseries since the mid 1960s. The basic and conventional “butt welded vertical loop and horizontal ring style” has continued basically unchanged since then. The reason is because nurserymen were willing to put forth the costly effort to pigtail or crimp for the right fit, and it became the accepted practice. This wire tree basket with its single wire design has no butt welds, which eliminates butt weld breakage and failures.  Our patented, geometric diamond design streamlines the digging and enhances the packaging of the product in a variety of sizes.

The Diamond Tree Basket™ tightly closes around a root ball when tension is applied from the top lacing. It provides flexibility by accommodating irregular root balls without time-consuming crimping. The time consumed by having to apply 10 to 20 crimps is eliminated because the unique openings close when laced and elongate the wire, which tightens around the root ball and closes the gaps between the wire and the root ball. You have time and money-saving benefits since there is no need to re-crimp after the handling and loading.


The revolutionary “Diamond Tree Basket”™ is a nurserymen’s best friend!

Let's start with a diamonds 4 C's.


    Each loop and ring style basket has an average of 10 wire butt welds. The “Diamond Tree Basket”™ single wire design has NO BUTT WELDS. Eliminating the chance of butt weld breakage, and basket failure. Learn more!


    The diamond design closes tightly around the root ball when tension from top lacing is applied. The innovative diamond design also provides flexibility by accommodating irregular root ball dimensions, without the time consuming crimping. “Because no two root balls are identical”™ Learn More!


    You no longer have to accept the time consuming practice of applying 10-20 crimps as part of using wire baskets. The unique diamond openings close when tightly laced, and as the diamond opening elongates the wire tightens around the root ball closing gaps between the wire and the burlaped root ball. Plus, you get the time and money saving benefit of not re-crimping after handling and loading. Learn More!


    Save on time and labor over conventional BUTT WELDED loop/ring spiral design baskets. Learn More!