Finding Recycled Jute, Burlap, or Sisal Bags for Home and Commercial Use

Jute plant fibers are largely used to make burlap material and sisal is another common term for plant fiber based fabric. It can be bought new, but is often reused because of its natural durability. Using recycled material always makes sense, but sometimes it is difficult to locate a place to buy them. In the case of recycled jute, burlap, or sisal bags like those used for coffee, peanuts, and other agricultural products, it doesn’t have to be.


Your first step is a Google search. Look for repurposed, reclaimed, recycled, scrap, seconded, junked, or even salvaged burlap sacks. You will find a long list of manufacturers, distributors, coffee houses, recycling companies, fabric companies, and even listings on Amazon and Ebay. There are companies that will sell one bag for .30 each or send bulk packaged bags that have been cleaned for reuse or listed as damaged or torn in some way. Depending on how you intend to use them, the condition may or may not matter.

Common uses include:

  • Making fashion accessories like purses, belts, ties, or vests
  • Creating Halloween costumes
  • Gardening, soil erosion, and weed control
  • Re-upholstering furniture, pillows, and lampshades
  • General storage, containers for small parts or supplies
  • Using for mattress or pillow filling
  • Insulating in construction or packing material for shipping
  • Making unique gift bags
  • Filling with sand as sandbags for retaining walls or flooding
  • Framing attractive bags with manufacturer logo designs as wall art
  • Lining the back of your truck bed before loading heavy parts, equipment, and tools
  • Creating both indoor and outdoor rugs and curtains for privacy and shade
  • Temporary fence filler for privacy or windbreaks
  • Protective coverings for outdoor furniture and plants
  • Covering or moving warehouse itemsrecycled_burlap

There are many ways to use recycled burlap bags, limited only by your imagination. They have a unique texture and are very strong. They can be treated to last longer outdoors, but being biodegradable and reusable makes them appealing. They have attractive manufacturer stamped designs or you can embellish them for quick and easy artwork. Some coffee and produce distributors will give them away which provides even more incentive to give them a try. Locate local businesses and ask.

Whether you are a homeowner using smaller decorative bags as pots for plants on the back deck or a business using large heavier bags to slide hefty equipment across the warehouse floor, today’s economy demands some smarter choices. If you are eco-conscious, an avid gardener or crafter, or need to get a garage or shed organized, this is the answer. Recycled jute, burlap, or sisal bags make perfect sense and are just a Google search away.

Do you have uses that are not shared on the list above? Leave a comment with your ideas so others can try it too.



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