How to Prepare Your Home for a Flood

Flood Sandbags for Property ProtectionAt the first sign of danger, our human instincts kick in. The very first thought that comes to mind is preservation. Homeowners develop a safety plan or a course of action, before hurricane and flood season begin. NYP Corp produces and distributes a full line of sandbags to help homeowners and businesses prevent flood damage.

The sandbags are made from burlap, acrylic, cotton and polypropylene in the following products; flood sandbags, filled sandbags, emergency sandbags, polypropylene bags, burlap sandbags, Military specification sandbags, and FIBC bags used for flood protection.

Floods are Unpredictable

Floods are a danger to people and their property if their warnings are not taken seriously. Millions of homes can be destroyed and just as many lives can be lost during severe floods. No one can control the weather, or predict the outcome of the effects that a flood leaves behind. Protecting personal and private property from flood damage is often the main priority of home and property owners.

  • Keep up with the latest weather events. This may be difficult to do once the flooding start, so keep an ample supply of batteries, and a small radio close by. NYP Corp provides an updated flood map allowing one to track and monitor flood areas.
  • Turn off the electricity, gas and water supply inside or leading to the house. Flood damage can rupture gas, sewer and water lines, and cause electrical fires, power outages and electrical surges.
  • Protect valuable and sensitive documents. Most items like family pictures, tax reports, insurance policies and videos can be permanently destroyed, by water damage. Keep these items above water level, preferably inside a plastic air tight container.
  • Plug open drains to prevent sewage overflow. Water pressure can easily build up inside the walls, preventing the flow of water. Too much pressure can cause busted pipes and drainage problems.
  • Remove appliances from the home if possible. If removing them is not possible, secure the appliances in air tight polyethylene. Appliance motors are easily damaged when they are exposed to water. Wrapping the motor in heavy duty plastic and taping them securely can prevent flood damage.
  • Disconnect furnaces and remove portable heating and cooling units. Electronics such as computers, printers and fax machines should be removed or stored in a very high place.

Preparing for a flood can be very time consuming. While the inside of the home is secured, the outside needs to be secured as well. Placing various size sandbags around the doors and windows can greatly eliminate or reduce the amount of water that enters the home. Sandbags are inexpensive and very effective, against floods. Contact NYP Corp by calling 1-800-524-1052 or by requesting a quote online, as a representative will respond and assist you with questions and concerns about flood sandbags and flood protection.

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