How to Prepare for Spring Gardening

Nursery Horticulture SuppliesSpring has sprung, and millions of people all over the globe are anxious to put on their gardening gloves and immerse themselves in the environment they love. Any good garner knows that an excellent crop begins with the proper preparation and prep work, and we have created a streamlined list in order to highlight some of the items that you may need to create a foundation for botanical success.

Complete List of Nursery Supplies


NYC Corp’s innovative rot-resistant burlap was the first of its kind, and its uses continue to be vast.  Available in four different shapes and a bevy of sizes, burlap is a key component to many healthy gardens, and can help to keep both weeds at pests at bay. Another tip in using burlap can be done with the burlap bag. Read about the process from a previous blog about Growing Plants Using Burlap Bags.


Twine has about as many uses as the human mind can come up with, and just might be at its very best in a garden. We offer plastic-based, all-natural and treated twine, so you’ll be able to make a selection that fits your garden perfectly. Twine can be used to gently assist young saplings and plants of all kinds, and can even be crafted and molded in a manner that preserves the pristine look of your garden.

Bamboo Stakes

Flexible in both a strength and a usage sense, bamboo stakes always come in handy in the various stages of preparing a garden. We offer a variety of bundles that vary in length, diameter and quantity, so no matter what the size of your growing area or how sturdy your stocks are, we’ve got you covered.

Ground Covers

Ground cover fabrics are an essential component to preventing pesky weeds from taking over your garden, and we have them in ample supply. Learn more by reading Woven Ground Cover Fabrics for Weed Control.  At a weight of only 3 ounces per square yard, our black ground covers are easily installed and ready to stall the progress of unwanted growth. Available in rolls that extended as far as 1,000 yards, our vast selection is ready to accommodate whatever size project you are getting ready to embark on.

Erosion Control Products

Erosion control is a pivotal component of a healthy and thriving garden. Please take a moment to explore our bevy of natural products that are engineered to prevent erosion on everything from sloped properties to golf courses. We offer a wide array of textures and varieties of our erosion control blankets, so you’ll be able to find something to suit your needs quite easily.

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