How to Clean and Remove Odors From Burlap

Cleaning and Remove Odors from BurlapBurlap can be used for a number of reasons. For instance, people often use it to make sandbags and storage bags. Since burlap has a rustic look, it is also a great material to use while making arts and crafts. For those who enjoy craft projects, they can get burlap rolls from NYP Corp. The only downside is that they tend to have a bad smell. Fortunately, the foul odors can be removed by using any of the following methods.

If the smell is only minor, place the bulk burlap outside in the sun. Leave it outside for a few hours to air out. This is also beneficial because the sun can eliminate stains from the material. Fresh air does wonders for them, but make sure to take the rolls inside if it starts to rain.

Another option is to add some baking soda to the burlap. If you have burlap bags, for instance, sprinkle some baking soda inside and let it set for a while. It is best to let the baking soda remain for a few days before shaking it out. After several days have passed, turn the bag upside down to shake out the baking soda. If the burlap still smells, either try this method again or move on to a different solution.

For those who do not have any baking soda, vinegar works just as well. Start by mixing a bit of vinegar with water. Once the vinegar is ready, soak the burlap in it for a few minutes. After that, rinse the burlap off with plain water. Never combine this method with the baking soda idea. Mixing vinegar and baking soda may cause a small eruption to occur.

Avoid using the washing machine to get odors out of burlap as washing burlap creates an extreme amount of lint. Not only that, but it also causes the edges on the material to fray. The better option is to wash the material by hand. Prior to washing it, people should find out how it reacts to soap and water. Therefore, it is best to test a small corner of the burlap before washing the entire roll.

Some odors have nothing to do with how clean or dirty it is. When creating art projects with burlap, make sure the room is well ventilated. Although it may take a few hours or days, it is possible to get rid of odors from burlap.

Learn more about how to care for burlap by reading a previous blog.  NYP-Corp manufactures textile packaging of burlap, jute, paper, cotton, feed & grain bags and emergency sandbags in bulk.

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