Holiday Gift Ideas Using Burlap

Holiday Gift Ideas Using BurlapNYP manufactures and distributes an assortment of burlap related products for any horticultural, agricultural, and industrial requirement. Burlap has become an ideal material for both decorative and homemade crafts for Christmas because of it’s unique rustic and natural look. Learn how to create exciting crafts by using burlap to entice your home during the holiday season.

Burlap Christmas Stockings

Burlap stockings can be perfect by adding a rustic and natural look over your fireplace rather than the standard decorative stockings. To make your authentic holiday stocking, you’ll need burlap, scissors, marker/pencil and sisal twine. Once you’ve purchased your burlap, you’ll want to draw your stocking by using a marker or pencil. Once you’ve cut it out, trace the outline on another sheet of burlap and cut it out. Take both stockings and align one over the other, forming a stocking. Hand stitch along the edges with sisal twine. Now that you have completed the stocking, you can either keep it simple or cut out decorations from other fabrics such as trees, ornaments, and letters for a personal touch.

Natural Gift Wrap

How would you like to spice up your gifts this season? Try using natural burlap and solid colored paper strips rather than your standard Christmas wrapping paper. This natural look brings together a mix of materials to enhance the gift. You can use a colorful ribbon to add even more color.

Thank You Gifts

The holiday season can be overwhelming for some and can be difficult to make time to attend. As the host, you understand that and want to thank them for attending. Surprise your holiday guests by giving them a take-home gift. Find the perfect small plant or flower and plant it in pot created by natural jute with instructions on how to care for the gift. To make it even more personalized, create a card with a special holiday message and attached it to the base of the plant or flower. Your guest will love the surprise gift and you’ll be pleased with the outcome.

Party Favors

Everyone enjoys receiving gifts during the holiday season. Once your gathering has come to an end, why not hand each guest a small burlap bag filled with holiday goodies. You can insert personal items such as homemade baking good with a personal note and including the recipe. Not a baker? You can always include other items that represent the holiday; a small vase with a scented candle, candies, gift cards etc. Personalize the bags bag by sealing them with a decorative ribbon and attach holly for added color.

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