Holiday Crafting with Burlap

Holiday Crafting with Burlap

We distribute and manufacture a variety of burlap products for all industrial, agricultural, or horticultural requirements. It is the perfect material to use for homemade and decorative Christmas crafts due to its natural and rustic look. 

Christmas Stockings

Stockings made from burlap can add a natural and rustic look to your fireplace in a way that traditional decorative stockings can’t. To make the stocking you will need burlap, scissors, a marker or pencil, and sisal twine. 

After you’ve purchased the materials, draw the stocking shape onto a piece of the canvas by using a pencil or marker. After you’ve cut the shape out, trace an identical outline on another sheet and cut it out as well. Take both of the pieces and align one over the other to create your stocking. Then hand-stitch the edges with sisal twine. 

You can keep your stocking simple or add decorations from other fabrics including letters, trees, and ornaments to make it unique. 


At Christmastime, it’s all about the presents and of course, the tree! The tree is the most important because of the ornaments, which make up the true spirit of the holiday season. Rustic ornaments will make your Christmas tree even more beautiful. You will need a few rustic materials including golden confetti, coarse canvas, and wood. You can also use items from your back yard such as live acorns or wooden branches to make the ornaments. 

Gift Wrap 

How would you like to make your gifts look even more distinctive this year? Instead of buying traditional wrapping paper at the store, try making your own. Use solid-colored paper strips and coarse canvas to create your wrapping paper. This mix of materials with a colorful ribbon on top will greatly enhance your gifts and give them a natural look. Your friends and family might enjoy their gifts even more, too. 

Thank You Gifts 

The holidays are often overwhelming each year, making it difficult to find the time to attend parties and gatherings. It’s always important as a host to let your guests know that you value them by thanking them for attending. Take-home gifts are a great way to do just that. 

Find a small flower or plant and plant it in a pot with natural jute. Include some instructions for how to care for the plant. You can also create a special card with a holiday greeting attached to the base of the flower. You will be pleased with the outcome and your guests will love the gifts. 

Party Favors 

Of course, during the holidays, everyone enjoys getting gifts. After your party or gathering is over, hand each guest a rustic, natural bag full of goodies. You can put personal items in the bags including baking goods with the recipe enclosed. If you’re not much of a cook, you can include other holiday items such as a small vase with a scented candle, gift cards, or candies. Give the bags an extra special touch by tying a decorative ribbon around them to seal the bags and attaching a holly for added color.

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