Halloween Decorations with the Use of Burlap

Burlap Used for Halloween CraftsIt’s time for Halloween decorating! Why not try something new this year? Instead of purchasing the same overdone decorations from a store, why not create your own? Using plant-based, biodegradable burlap, you can create your own eco-friendly Halloween decorations. Below are just a few creative ways to incorporate burlap into your next Halloween decorations.

Create a spooky table runner

Make a spooky but classy table runner with a few simple supplies. You will need burlap, unbleached cotton, freezer paper, spray paint and a craft knife. Measure the table you will use. Cut the burlap a bit wider than necessary in case of mistakes. Cut the lining an inch wider than the runner. Using freezer paper to cut your design, iron it onto the burlap.

Halloween Wreath

Burlap is so versatile; you can make a holiday wreath with it. You will need plain burlap, black paint, a foam wreath ring and scissors. Paint the burlap and foam ring black and allow it to dry. Start tying burlap strings around the ring in double knots. Be sure to overlap the strips and bunch them together to plump up your wreath. Add more strips until the wreath looks full and festive. Embellish the wreath by hot gluing wooden letters with decorative paper.

Burlap Placemats

Burlap placemats make a fun fall decoration. Cut and measure some burlap using a charger. Trim with grosgrain ribbon using hot glue. Sisal twine makes a great corner accent. For added fun, stencil numbers with paint and a dry brush. Now everyone has his or her own numbered placemat.

Burlap Pumpkins

Put away the usual carving tools, and create your own ragdoll pumpkins! To make burlap pumpkins, you will need burlap, twine, paint, floral wire, paint brush and scissors. You will also need various size rocks or toilet paper rolls. Place the rocks or rolls on a section of burlap each. Gather the sides and secure the items inside. Close the bag with twine. Paint the round part orange, and the top part above the twine green. Tie floral wire around the twine, curling it around your fingers. This makes it look like the vine for your pumpkin. Decorate your rustic pumpkins further, or leave them as is. Make a face with buttons and bows.

Create your own eco-friendly Halloween décor this fall. With a few simple supplies and environment friendly burlap, you can decorate your whole house. Your doorstep is sure to be a hit with little goblins and ghouls this year!

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