Growing Plants with Eco-friendly Burlap

Growing Plants with Eco-friendly BurlapIf you're hoping to achieve a garden with naturally-aesthetic features, look no further than burlap for some inspiration to recreate these outdoor spaces. Burlap comes wrapped around the root balls of shrubs, trees, and plants purchased from the store. This burlap is designed to offer structure and protection for the roots. It is also designed to decompose naturally over time. You don't have to remove it during the planting process. Roots grow through the burlap easily, and small insects will also contribute to its demise. Within a few years, the burlap will completely disappear.

Burlap for Weed Protection

If you want to offer an extra layer of protection against weeds, you can place a large burlap bag underneath a layer of mulch and dirt in your flower beds. This will help encourage the growth of seedlings and freshly planted seeds. You can use burlap to line the interior of wood, stone, and brick walls that will house a flower bed. This will keep dirt stains from ruining your landscape design and will deter weeds from entering the bed altogether. When you cover any compost with burlap, it will encourage a faster rate of decomposition. This will result in more fertile soil. Overall, burlap is a functional and lightweight material that can make it easier to relocate plants and maintain a clean garden.

Burlap for Starting Seedlings

You can find used burlap in markets where coffee, fruits, and vegetables are being sold. Outlets that are responsible for agricultural distribution may also be willing to offer used bags for free. A smaller burlap bag is great for being used as a pot to hold soil, plants, and seedlings. These bags can be placed throughout a garden or patio while the plants grow to a larger size. Once these plants have been nurtured, they can be moved to a permanent home. Burlap material allows for aeration and drainage in order to keep roots from deteriorating. This helps to maintain a balance between dryness and moistness. During periods of intense heat, you can place a drain pan under the burlap and bring them inside.

Some people choose to use burlap for other projects throughout the garden. For example, you can hang a bag of tomatoes or strawberries above the ground. This helps to keep pests away from the food while also creating an aesthetic cascade of fruits. Make sure to leave some holes so the branches can escape. Potatoes also do well when placed in these bags underground. This greatly simplifies the harvesting process as well. You can create a vertical garden by attaching these bags to a form of wire fencing. This is a great way to save space and also looks very cool.

Peppers, lettuce, cucumbers, peas, and some other vegetables do well when placed in burlap bags. When dealing with fruits, berries work the best in these bags. Herb gardens also work very well. You can use parsley, rosemary, cilantro, thyme, and other fresh herbs while cooking your favorite meals. These bags help to give your home a rustic appeal while also organizing your plants.

Get Creative with Burlap

Burlap is a natural and eco-friendly materal that offers great opportunity for you to get creative in your garden.

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