Growing Plants Using Burlap Bags

Use Burlap for growing plantsIn our previous blog, “Lawn and Garden Uses for Burlap,” you learned how burlap can contain weeds, help seed growth, and for storage in limited spaces.

Burlap is entirely biodegradable and extremely versatile, it only makes sense that it can be useful in growing vegetables in your garden.

Burlap is used to speed up seed germination in slow growing plants such as carrots and parsley. Immersing the burlap in water and placing it on top of the row of seeds will hasten their growth and keep the seeds and earth moist. Take the bag off the seeds after they develop and give the plants sunlight.

Two other general uses for burlap bags are to avoid using chemical and to store items. The burlap bags are placed under wood and used as mulch to stop the weeds from taking over the garden and keep away from using weed killer, and to help the plants to grow. Store compost and leaves in burlap bags. Protect gardening tools in the bags.

There are specific techniques for using burlap bags for container gardening. One is a method for growing tomatoes. Get burlap bags from a coffee shop or supplier. Cut the bag into four equal parts. Take each piece and turn inside out. Sew the pieces shut with machine or by hand except for the center. Make a cut in each piece large enough to place the tomato plant in the shortest side. Sew the opening shut. Put soil into the top leaving 4 inches of space. Tie the top closed with a rope. Hang the burlap bags. This plant will grow upside down.

Burlap bags are used to grow other kinds of vegetables. Open up the end of a burlap bag and put all-purpose potting soil in 3 / 4 of the bag. Close the bag on the side and shut using a staple gun. Place the dirt-filled burlap bag on the ground in the direct sun. Cut a 3 inch center square and 4 more squares that are 4 inches apart pulling out the cut burlap. Water the whole bag stopping when the water reaches the bottom of the page. Remove 1/2 inch of dirt out of each square and plant each vegetable so only the stem shows. Cover the top with organic mulch which conserve water. Water every day until water reaches the bottom and when the top inch of dirt is dry.

NYP-Corp  manufactures and distributes an assortment of burlap related products for any horticultural, agricultural, or industrial requirement.

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