Greenhouse Shade Clothes

NYP Shade ClothesGreenhouse shade cloth, or clothes, performs exactly as the name implies. The material creates a shady environment over greenhouses, hoop houses or other designated areas. The varied sizes and weave patterns of the shade clothes enable the product’s use in virtually any type of gardening or outdoor environment.

While allowing air circulation, shade cloth generally blocks the harmful ultraviolet effects of the sun, which may reduce plant temperatures by up to 20 degrees. The cloth not only helps minimize greenhouse cooling costs, but also maintains soil moisture levels. During cooler months, shade cloth might also be used as frost protection, by maintaining internal temperatures. When used on a frame outdoors, the shade cloth also prevents plant damage by insects, birds and small mammals. Another form of protection can be done by using burlap. Read our previous blog Burlap Used to Protect Plant Life During Winter for helpful tips.

NYP Corp. knitted Poly Shade Cloth are seamless, thus eliminating weak points in large covers. The knitted process allows a slight stretching quality which eliminates wrinkles. The shade clothes are approximately 30% lighter than woven material, making handling easier and less weight on your structures. The looser the weave, the lower the density, which is generally defined as the percentage of sun each product blocks.

During the hot summer months, most herb and vegetable garden plants require 40 to 60 percent protection from the sun. Orchids and similar exotic plants require a higher percentage of protection, which may begin around 70 percent.

NYP-Corp offers individuals to purchase shade cloths in varied sizes and colors and also offers the thermal reflective Aluminet. Shade cloth widths begin around 10 feet and may exceed 40 feet and widths are available from 22% – 90%. Finished cloth typically has double reinforced edges and hinged lock-on grommets allow you to decide where you want your tie-down points.  The strength and durability of the cloth generally varies depending on the type and density of the weave. NYP-Corp lock-stitched shade cloth remains intact after trimming to a desired size, no wrinkles during installation, and will not ravel or fray.

Gardeners typically install the lightweight shade cloth by draping the fabric over the roof and down along the sides of a greenhouse, hoop house or other frame structure. Stabilizing the cloth entails passing cording or rope through the grommets and staking the lines to the ground. Plastic snap fasteners might also be used to attach the cloth to a frame. Some gardeners drape the aluminum version of shade cloth over frames on the inside of greenhouses. Besides using shade cloth for gardening protection, homeowners might purchase burlap to create wind barriers for plant protection.

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