Flooding is #1 Most Common Natural Hazard in the U.S.

Sandbags can Help Protect Properties from FloodingIn terms of the cost and number of people affected, floods are the primary natural hazard in the United States. A single flood incident can cause billions of dollars in damages and displace thousands of people. Floods can destroy homes, businesses, and infrastructure, and kill humans, livestock, and other animals in their path. Structures which survive the flood itself may be damaged beyond repair. In 2011, 33 states were affected by some degree of flooding. Total damages for 2011 exceeded $8 billion dollars and over 100 people were killed.

In some areas, levees and other flood control structures have been constructed but even these measures do not provide complete flood protection. The ability to predict floods is becoming more advanced, but floods can still occur with little or no warning. Sandbags can provide a barrier that helps protect your home, your business and any other property that might be damaged or destroyed in a flood.

Cause of Flooding

Floods are usually the result of large rainfall events, although they can also be caused by seasonal snow melt, tsunami, and dam failure. Hurricanes, tropical storms, large inland storm systems and winter storm events are the leading cause of most floods. Some hurricanes and tropical storms can drop over 20 inches of rain in a short period of time. In one extreme hurricane event, over 30 inches of rainfall was recorded in just over 24 hours. Flood conditions can be worsened by outdated or poorly designed storm water drainage systems, especially in highly developed urban or suburban areas. Depending on the area and the amount of rainfall, floodwaters can reach up to 20 feet high, engulfing even two-story buildings and tall trees.

Flood Preparedness

It is very important to be aware of the hazards associated with floods, and to be prepared. The most important flood preparation you can make is to find out if you are in an area that is prone to flooding. Flood maps show areas that have flooded in the past and places that are likely to flood in the future. If you live in or even near a floodplain, you should make additional preparations that include an evacuation plan and protective measures like emergency sandbags. Sandbags may be made of fabric, polypropylene or acrylic. Emergency sandbags are pre-filled with sand to enable them to be placed quickly in the event of a flood emergency.

NYP-Corp has millions of emergency sandbags in stock ready to prevent flood damage. All sandbags are available pre-filled with sand and permanently sealed closed with stainless steel wire ties. Contact NYP-Corp today and speak to a representative about protecting your property from floods.

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