Flood Safety Awareness Week March 18 – 22

NYP Corp Provides Sandbags for Food ProtectionFlooding occurs every month of the year and affects all regions of the country. People are generally more concerned with tornadoes, hurricanes and even snowstorms than flooding even though flash floods cause more deaths than any other weather related event. Educating citizens about various aspects of flooding  is the primary goal of Flood Safety Awareness Week.

The National Weather Service (NWS) created Flood Safety Awareness Week to increase the public’s understanding of the causes of floods, inform them of the NWS’s role in forecasting and issuing flood warnings and educate them on how to protect themselves and their property. Flood Safety Awareness Week takes place each March with varying local events and programming.

The most common natural disaster in the United States is flooding. States with the most flood related claims include New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania followed by North Carolina, Connecticut, Virginia, Louisiana, North Dakota, Missouri and Ohio. In terms of payout for damages, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania top the list with a combined bill of over one billion dollars.

Overland floods affect residents near coastal areas, lakes and rivers. Flooding in these areas can be slow or fast moving and flood waters often spread out far enough to affect people not considered living in the flood plain. This is the flooding that happens when rivers overflow their banks. Overland flooding also happens in urban areas when storm drainage systems are overwhelmed with rainfall. Learn more about the sources of flooding by reading the blog – Most Common Source of Flooding.

Flash flooding occurs in areas downstream from dams or levees, as well as areas that have received significant amounts of rainfall. Flash floods are responsible for most weather related deaths each year. These flood waters are generally fast moving and can carry large boulders and trees along in the current. Dry canyons, gullies and arroyos are perfect conductors of flash flood waters. Since these natural features are dry most of the year, residents are often caught unaware by surging waters.

Protect Property from Flood Water

One way home and property owners can protect their investments is the deployment of emergency sandbags. Sandbags provide a very effective barrier against flood waters. A wall of sandbags around a building foundation can force water away from the structure, reducing damage from both the initial rush of water as well as the standing water damage that occurs later. Filled sandbags are the easiest to use, especially in areas where there might not be enough volunteers to fill bags.

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