Advantages of FIBC Bulk Bags in Landscaping

Advantages of FIBC Bulk Bags in Landscaping

Landscaping companies work with a lot of bulk materials including wood chips, mulch, and topsoil. Trying to store or haul any of these materials away can be challenging because a majority of it comes in plastic bags which aren't very reliable.

Landscapers lose a lot of these materials due to tears and rips in the bags. If mulch or dirt is dumped onto a customer's property, rain or wind could carry it away. FIBC Bulk Bags are a little-known secret that even landscapers aren't aware of, but they provide the perfect solution for transporting or storing materials.

These sturdy bags can be used as reusable landscaping bags which perform well under a variety of situations. This list sums up why storing or transporting soil or mulch in a bulk bag is strongly recommended:

Bulk Bags Protect Your Materials

Bulk bags keep all of your items in place instead of being washed or blown away by Mother Nature. Materials such as dirt and mulch will also be protected in the bags from vermin or bugs. When the job is over, the bags make the cleanup process simple, which will keep the debris at a much lower level.

Bulk Bags Help You Stay Organized

Delivering multiple sets of materials to a customer means using separate trucks or dividers to keep them separated in the truck bed. Each FIBC bulk bag can be filled individually with mulch in one bag, topsoil in a second bag, and mulch in a third bag. The bags will be easy to unload making delivery worry-free.

FIBC Bulk Bags Are Durable

The bags are made out of woven polypropylene fibers that make them resistant to punctures or tears, making them perfect for hauling a variety of materials that could protrude through a normal plastic bag. They are also easy to load because of how durable they are. Never again will you have to worry about bags of materials coming apart.

Storing Landscaping Materials

Using dump trucks to dump landscaping products onto a customer's driveway is extremely disadvantageous because they stay there until they're used or thrown away. Over time, the products will eventually wash away or dissipate. The most efficient way to deliver landscaping materials is on an as-needed basis to be stored for use later.


A majority of landscaping clients want more than one product for their yard including decorative rock, mulch, compost, topsoil, or other materials. Major advancements in the dump truck industry have been made over the years including using a wooden board to separate several different materials. That is where FIBC Bulk Bags come into play. When you utilize these bags, you can fill them up individually with all of the materials your client will need. There are even flexible bulk containers available that will let you deliver been 3 and 5 different kinds of items, depending on the number of items that are needed. This will keep all of your materials separate, and save your company money and time in the process.

Duffle top bags are available for your customers to seal the containers which will maintain the integrity and quality of the landscaping products. FIBCs can keep the products weather-proofed to help keep pests and neighborhood pets out of the materials.

Delivery Materials

Using trucks to deliver your landscaping products is not only inflexible but inefficient. Customers want their landscaping projects done quickly. Otherwise, the products could become wet and wash away or could accumulate insects. In addition to the short amount of time that customers give contractors to complete the projects, delivering the products can be quite frustrating. Large dump trucks are limited in where the products can be dumped and they must have access to the street. Nobody wants a huge 15-ton vehicle crushing their lawn.

There are cubic yard bulk bags available that can be easily filled with materials and offloaded practically anyplace. These bags keep landscaping products separate from one another. If a customer needs a cubic yard of mulch or soil, for instance, two separate yard bags with both products can be delivered directly to the site. You'll never have to worry about making messes again.

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