FBIC Bulk Bags - The Multipurpose Bag

Uses for Various Types of SandbagsWhether you need to transport small, granular goods or stop a flood with an extra-large sandbag, FIBC bulk bags can help you immensely with your transportation needs. You already know how difficult bulk shipping can be. Why not avoid the frustration and save time by shipping your product in FIBC bulk bags? Box shipping is yesterday's news. 

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers will easily hold up to 3,000 pounds of your product. Made of polypropylene, FIBC bags are extremely durable, built to last, and perfect for transporting free-flowing materials like sand, salt, and dirt. Pallets and small bags are no longer necessary when you make the switch to FIBC bags. They are designed to be more economical and safer than traditional ways of shipping. 

These eco-friendly, 100% recyclable bags are changing the face of shipping by replacing bulky corrugated boxes. They are lighter, more durable, and they are made with a spout on the bottom to efficiently and safely unload your product. Once the product is released, the bag can be easily folded and stored for later use. 

FIBC bags aren't one size fits all. There are plenty of bag options to choose from so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Even pharmaceutical companies are taking advantage of these convenient bags.

Knowing the type of static control your product might require is important for safety. FIBC bag manufacturers know these risks and designed solutions to negate them. FIBC bags made from polypropylene are designed to be shock-proof and 100% safe. The best advantage that FIBC bags offer over traditional corrugated cardboard boxes is that they are waterproof. If you are shipping or storing your product in areas known for flooding, these bags will protect your product far better than a box. Speaking of floods, these bags can be filled with sand to create protection against flooding before an impending hurricane. 

Did you know that using FIBC bags will cost 50% less than using traditional boxes to ship your goods? By saving on storage, transportation, packaging, and labor costs, FIBC bags keep you in the red. These bags also pose less of a risk of injury from repetitive motion, keeping your employees safe. The bags can be easily lifted by a machine thanks to the incorporated loops on the top of the bag. 

Bulk Bags are used for a wide variety of packing, including:

  • Shelled and in-shell peanuts
  • Fertilizer
  • All types of seed
  • Dry edible beans
  • Sand
  • Talc
  • Chemicals
  • Grains
  • Firewood
  • Crushed shell
  • Resins
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Sand/gravel
  • Produce
  • Coal
  • Graphite
  • Concrete mix
  • And of course, Flood protection

For all of your FIBC packaging needs including custom printing, sizing, and bag options, look no further than NYP Corp. We are dedicated to answering any questions you may have about shipping your products in FIBC bags. Whether you need burlap, polypropylene or sandbags, don't worry. We will make sure you get the right bag to get the job done. No matter what you ship, we have bag for you.

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