Fall Gardening Nursery Supplies

Fall Gardening Nursery Supplies

With the onset of Fall, gardeners everywhere are preparing their gardens to grow all kinds of crops, and they are gathering the necessary nursery supplies to treat their fields. There are several different items that are all immensely important toward making sure that their planned crops are allowed to flourish. These items are involved in not only preparing a garden before any seeds are planted but also maintaining an environment that will allow the seeds to sprout and grow productively. Make sure your nursery is prepared for your customers next growing season.

Stabilize Plants with Bamboo Stakes

Items that serve many uses over the course of a garden's growth and maintenance include bamboo stakes. Stakes of all sizes and lengths have their own uses in a garden system such as keeping rigid plant structures from growing off-center, supporting vines in a way that will direct their growth, and ensuring that the fruits and vegetables the plants are producing will not be spoiled by growing too close to the soil underneath. Bamboo stakes will not contaminate a garden with man-made elements, so we provide them in differently sized lengths and in bundles containing different numbers of stalks.

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Keeping It all Together with Twine

What holds supportive stakes and various other parts of a garden together is a very versatile thread called nursery twine. Many other industries have their own uses for it, and even the gardening industry makes use of several different types of twine to make sure that crops can be skillfully guided as they grow. These threads can either be based on man-made plastic or be composed of entirely natural components whether or not they are treated in some way. We offer all types and promise that the threads can even blend into the garden aesthetically without making it look overly tampered with.

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Ground Cover for Weed Prevention and Erosion Control

To prevent weeds from outgrowing everything else in your garden, we offer nursery ground covers that can be integrated into your garden neatly. Some of the rolls of fabric we have in stock can stretch to almost three thousand feet, and we can cut out a segment suited directly to your garden's dimensions. We have different types of ground covers; coverings made out of black fabric are specialized toward preventing weeds from growing while dispersing heat throughout the rest of the garden. The black fabric is very light to handle, with an entire square yard of it weighing as little as three ounces. Burlap covers, on the other hand, are made out of more natural components that are resistant to rot and help prevent pests from invading a garden. 

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NYP Corp can provide your nursery with all the supplies your customers will need for Fall gardening. Contact us today!