Emergency Necessities for Natural Disasters

Flood Emergency Safety KitNatural disasters such as flooding is unpredictable. (Read What Causes Flooding) We have to be prepared to safeguard ourselves, families and property. It isn’t something we like to talk about, but “in case of emergency”, below are some items to include for the emergencies that we hope never happen to us.

General Items

The general rule of thumb is take anything that we need for survival for three days. Dry foods, gallons of water, clothing, medicines, sanitation supplies should be of the utmost importance. Pack as you would for any rustic, unpredictable trip. The Department of Homeland Security suggests a full change of clothes with shoes. For the unknown, pack a warm sweater or coat, gloves that you can work in, and rain coat. For the known, trash bags, a bottle of liquid soap for hair and body, and toilet paper.

We often forget that our family members have different needs. Do not overlook feminine products and baby supplies. Most of the needed items are included in the daily bag we carry for our child. Formula, diapers, powered milk are all the foundation of a well packed baby bag. If there is a body holster that you put the baby in; make sure to take that as well for easier mobility.

Documents should be kept in a waterproof bag or pouch. Have a little cash stored away for just this occasion. Place all copies of insurance policies, stocks, and bonds, and all of your bank account numbers (including credit cards) inside the pouch. Most of these papers should have contact numbers already within the text; if not, update your records with your current agent’s information.

This is also the easiest time for someone to attempt stealing your identity. Family documents such as IDs, social security records, immunizations, birth certificates, marriage licenses, and death certificates should be as closely guarded as your financial records.

There are varied accounts of what tools you should bring. We should not however weigh out the suggestions above by bringing our whole toolbox. It is crucial that you keep the idea of rustic living for simplicity sake. A hand crank radio, first aid kit, and multi-tool that contains a can opener, screwdriver, knife combination will certainly have you covered. Try to pack tools that have long lasting lithium batteries, such as flashlights and signaling devices. If you follow these tips, it can make the transition from devastation to survivor much easier.

With these helpful tips, you can be prepared for mother natures havoc. Homeowners should have a safety kit ready at all times. For those who have time to protect the property, NYP-Corp offers a wide variety of quality sand bags including emergency sandbags to help prevent flood damage. Fill out our contact form and a representative in your area will contact you shortly.

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