Repurposing and Decorating with Jute Rope, Yarn and Twine

blog2-1With a little creativity and some jute rope, yarn or twine, it is possible to change the look and feel of your home without spending a ton of cash. Wrapping old furniture and decorative items in many types of cording can embellish or transform your environment.

When kitchen hardware needs replacing, but it is not in the budget, wrap the handles for a trendy new appearance. Twine comes in different colors or you can dye it yourself, otherwise, different shades of the natural color can create a rustic or nautical look.  Try it on dresser drawer handles too, and get a fresh and affordable solution to existing pulls, or remove the hardware entirely, loop the rope through the screw holes and tie a cool knot; play around with a variety of knot ideas.

Make the perfect beach house decorations like a rope-wrapped mirror. The rope glues to an attached foam board instead of directly to the frame for a smooth surface to work on. Think about doing the same thing to an old clock or picture frame. Coil some cord inside the lid of a mason jar to create coasters. Glue rope directly to the outside of an existing vase or bowl to change the style.

Wrapping the outside of a tired-looking lamp shade will rejuvenate it. Thread a string of fairy lights into jute or other rope and use it to accent furniture and provide ambiance.

Create a dream catcher-style headboard, for your bed. A simple wooden frame to run the cord across in different patterns or designs is all that is needed. Rope can be nailed or knotted in place. Whether it is a few lengths of rope widely spaced or a tight woven pattern, you will have a personalized masterpiece unique to your space.

Bracelets, necklaces, anklets, and even shoe accessories give your wardrobe a new look. Knot or braid pieces of rope, dip them in fabric stiffener and then paint them in any color. Wrap your old jewelry and make it look like you bought it in an artsy boutique.

Use rope to hang metal and glass lanterns to add charm to your home. Lanyard knots and a fishnet pattern can be used to suspend them. You can also coil rope around the lantern and attach a cord to hang from hooks on a pole or shelf inside the house, or from trees around the back patio.blog2-2

You can buy an inexpensive rug made of jute or sisal, but you can also make your own and put your creative spin on the designs. Gluing the rope in swirls works well as art, but if you really want to use it repeatedly, sewing the swirls together will last longer. Use a similar technique for smaller table mats.

Jute, hemp, cotton or other plant fiber ropes can change the look and style of your home and challenge your do-it-yourself nature; check out more ideas, such as an amazing wrapped tire ottoman, and pictures of rope crafts online.

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