Different Uses for Burlap

Uses fro NYP-Corp Burlap

The uses for burlap are many, varied and quite creative. This coarsely woven durable biodegradable natural breathable cloth is also known as jute or hessian and has a long history of being used in a wide variety of traditional ways as well as in new creations that are only limited by one’s imagination. It is very inexpensive for a fabric with such a nice texture.

Although one reference says that burlap was originally used for curtains, most of us are more familiar with its porous quality being perfect to store apples, potatoes and onions as far back as our childhood memories take us. It has also been popular to store grain, rice, coffee, seed and animal feed.

Burlap can cover plants against frost and road salt, wrap the exposed roots of plants and trees for transport, help keep pests and weeds away in your garden, as a tree trunk wrap for bark protection against animals and to perform other agriculture aids. Still used as it was in gold prospecting days , burlap could catch fine pieces of gold when sluice mining and hold the ore samples. This natural fiber material would substitute the use of “miner moss” as it was the most affordable alternative to many miners. Burlap is an environmental and economical choice to cover newly poured concrete in the curing (to strengthen and harden concrete) process in structural and road construction.

Other common burlap uses include rope, nets, sandbags, camouflage tents and clothing, draperies, furniture upholstery including chair arms and backs and as a support for seating springs, bedding, backing for rugs, table linens and even linoleum.

Amazingly, burlap is a desired fabric in craft projects. It makes a fine art canvas, can cover a bulletin board or book, can be made into backpacks and purses as well as totes, can be cut circles or squares for coasters, can be used in rug hooking and has endless other possibilities including being used for theater and movie sets by being painted and also used to catch dirt and sand for making it easier to clean up the set.

Burlap’s strength makes it very useful in packaging machine parts, hardware, and other items that do not require crate shipping. This material can be disposed of without having any negative consequences for the environment.

NYP Corp. manufactures textile packaging of burlap, jute, paper, cotton, feed & grain bags and emergency sandbags in bulk and sells them wholesale.

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