Different Types of Sandbags

NYP-Corp SandbagsWhen there are catastrophic storms, such as the recent Sandy tropical storm, it’s essential to be aware of the various sandbags available. You may be curious as to what the different types of sandbags there are, as well as all their many uses, below is an overview of sandbags and their uses. When you’re looking for sandbags, you want to have the option of getting these custom sized. You may also require add printing. The most useful sandbags are those with self-closing filling valves, as well. And because every need is a little different, it’s necessary to have assorted material constructions and weights at your disposal.

Most people likely think of flood control as the main use for sandbags. However, sandbags can be used for a variety of different reasons including the following: US military force protection, dike and dam reinforcement, fire walls, demolition bunkers, stabilizing highway signs and markers, crowd control, barricades, erosion control, snow and ice traction weights, channeling water runoff and counter weights. Clearly, there are many different uses for sandbags. The first type of bags are the filled sandbags, which contain 45 lbs of clean class “A” fill sand, which are packed 50 per skid. These are especially useful because they are ready to go and can be shipped nearly anyplace on short notice. These bags have many uses, which may include home flood protection, fire walls and crowd control.

Another popular sandbag is the burlap bag, which is an organic and biodegradable model. Although these bags are often used in other capacities, such as with coffee bag storage and dried bean containers, they are most importantly suited for emergency situations, and are military specification sandbags. There is also another type of burlap sandbag, which is the treated burlap sandbag that is treated in such a way that it is rot resistant. Polypropylene bags are also good choice. These sandbags are both lightweight and durable. These are also military specification sandbags. Lastly, there are the FIBC bulk sandbags for flood protection, which are usually used for big, borderline permanent projects. These sandbags are white colored, and are woven polypropylene. They have duffle tops, which can be closed after being filled. They’re also manufactured with 4-point loop lifting straps.

If nothing else, hopefully this information will remind you that sandbags are not generic and not merely one-use products. Before you have a need for sandbags, it’s always a good idea to be aware of your various options. Now, you know all of what’s out there. NYP Corp realizes to effectively prevent flooding involves massive planning and effort. NYP-Corp offers an emergency hotline (1-800-524-1052) and an online guide on how to properly use sandbags for flood protection.

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