Diamond Wire Basket vs Traditional Tree Baskets

Diamond Wire Basket vs Traditional Tree Baskets

Nurserymen haven't been met with a considerable change to the industry ever since the continuous wire basket was introduced nearly four decades ago...until now! The company that first released the "no rot", treated burlap is now introducing yet another revolutionary product to eager members of the nurse niche, the Diamond Tree Basket.

Ever since mechanical tree digging was introduced, the typical ring and loop type of basket and the baskets with serial designs have both been primarily used for the packaging of root balls. Following an impressive two years of field tests on shrubs, conifers, and ornamental trees of different varieties in multiple different soil conditions, the NYP Corp is proud to announce a viable alternative that can outperform both the spiral design and the loop and ring option. The new Diamond Wire Basjet is one of the most anticipated tree wire baskets every produced.

Single Wire Construction

Anyone associated with the nurseries is aware that the failure of wire baskets is an all too common phenomenon. However, wire baskets still remained relatively unchanged for years. Both ring and loop style baskets have roughly 10 wire welds a piece.

With a single wire design, the Diamond Tree Basket doesn't require the changing of these butt welds. The wire basket features a closed, flat bottom. The specially-designed bottom wire is left open to help prevent the girdling of the roots.

Excellent for All Root Balls

The diamond shape of the basket is capable of closing tightly around any root ball as long as tension is applied from the top lacing. This innovative design also offers greater flexibility when making room for atypical dimensions of root balls since no two are made the same.

Crimping is Nearly Non-Existent

Even the most experienced nurseryman hate crimping. It's time-consuming and frustrating. With the new diamond basket design, you don't have to waste time using a few dozen crimps for every wire basket. The special openings of the diamond basket close tightly when laced. When the opening is elongated, it automatically tightens the wire surrounding the root ball in order to close the gaps in between the root ball and the wire. Also, you're able to save even more time and money from not having to re-crimp.

Diamond tree wire baskets feature an angled cross wire design that helps to distribute pressure throughout the frame for a stronger package. These welded cross wires can manage the stress associated with lifting significantly better than other welds used on more traditional tree baskets.

A Stronger Design

You can save a lot of labor and time by opting out of using butt welded ring and loop spiral basket designs. The Diamond Tree Basket features alternating wires that make for an improved basket strength overall.

Lower Cost

Because of the Diamond Tree Baskets' ability to easily be nested, it's actually cheaper to ship. We have the ability to create identical baskets to be nested in tight bundles because of our advanced automatic production. These bundles are stacked on wooden pallets with bottoms facing down. The ridge stacks are interlocked to ensure greater stability and shrink-wrapped before being shipped. It's also easy to load and unload the shipments of these wire baskets because of their special design.

Save both money and time by option for the game-changing Diamond Tree Basket!

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