Customize Your Polypropylene, Burlap & Cotton Bags

Customize Your Polypropylene, Burlap & Cotton Bags

When you are looking to increase brand visibility and recognition to your customers and potential customers, consider investing in customized bags. NYP-Corp is your source when it comes to the manufacturing of custom printed bags for companies who are looking to further their brand identity. Canvas bags are ideal for a variety of reasons, from errands to carrying necessary items to work. Investing in creative marketing can increase your visibility today and for years to come.

What are the benefits of custom bags?

The life span of a custom printed bag is very long, due to its versatility and usefulness. Standard purses are unlikely to be replaced by a branded bag, but a branded bag can be utilized for many things. Whether a quick trip to the grocery store, a separate library bag, or to carry lunch to and from work. They also may be used for keeping work or various projects together. Every time your branded bag leaves in the hands of a customer, it is in direct contact with hundreds of others who will see your logo or slogan, significantly increasing brand recognition.

Custom Printed Burlap Bags

What is the best way to distribute my bags?

Unlike easily tossed promotional materials, a canvas bag will be regarded as a generous gift and reused. Meaning, no matter your distribution method, it will be useful. The first round of distribution could be to your employees. They wear your logo when at work, why not when they are out and about as well? Any kind of public function that your business is involved in is a perfect opportunity. Consider job fairs, expos, county fairs, and parades, or as gifts for new customers.

What else is available?

If you are looking at promotional bags, you will have your choice between burlap bags, polypropylene bags, and cotton bags. You will be able to choose the bag style that best represents the message you wish to convey.

Your choices are also not limited to reusable bags, as NYP can help you design bags for packaging. Materials used are paper or plastic, in styles typical of a grocery. When you are a small business owner, there is no better way to look professional and successful than to package your sales in your logo bag.

NYP can also assist you if you are looking for bags that will hold grain and feed bags or citrus and produce bags. Next time your agriculture-based business takes produce or goods to a farmers market or trade show, you will look professional, and the convenience will boost your reputation.

Don't be concerned if you have not settled on the appearance of your bag. NYP-Corp is ready to make it easy for you to custom print your bags. From the colors to logo placement, your bags will be professional and eye-catching. Up to three ink colors are available, and you can even consider adding a bar code to bags so that you can use them to sell pre-packaged goods.

How do I get started?

If you are ready to add custom brand-oriented bags to your line of marketing materials, you can give our helpful team a call today! We will assist you from start to finish, ensuring that your bags are nothing short of success.

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