Custom Printed Poly, Burlap & Cotton Bags Stand Out!

Custom Printed Poly, Burlap & Cotton Bags Stand Out! Did you know that customized bags can make a brand’s logo and name become more recognizable to the general population? If you see someone carrying burlap bags with a company’s logo on them while they are heading to work or running errands, you or anyone else they are in close contact with will easily see it. If you are a company attempting to establish a brand identity, you should consider purchasing customized printed bags from NYP Corp.

The Benefits of Customized Printed Bags

You can get these bags into people’s hands in many different ways. You can distribute the bags to all of your employees, which is one of the best, most obvious approaches. Another way the bags can be distributed is to hand them out to people at a public event your hosting or sponsoring. Businesses often hand out branded t-shirts and hats to spread the word about their services or products, but people rarely wear them. People often use polypropylene bags or burlap bags, and cotton bags for shopping, toting items to and from work or an event, or for storage, and will be more generally accepted by the public.

Custom Printed Logo Bags Draw Attention

For the most part, women prefer to carry a purse instead of a bag, but if they need a more durable bag to carry their items, they will likely reach for one. People use bags to carry books and lunches for office downtime or public transportation. When women go shopping, they will often bring their own bags along with them so they can comfortably and easily carry their items instead of relying on plastic bags, which can rip and tear easily. Burlap bags are also durable enough to use as beach carryalls. People will be able to see the logo on the bags, which will allow them to become more familiar with your company's brand every time they encounter it.

We produces bags for packing and packaging. Our machines print bags similar to the ones that are used in many general stores or groceries. An entrepreneur starting their own business can use bags with their own unique logo to inspire consumer confidence. NYP also manufactures grain and feed bags as well as produce bags that are essential for small or large agricultural businesses. Growers can establish a professional reputation for themselves by wrapping their produce in customized bags at farmers markets.

We can easily customize your logo on our bags. We work closely with your company to select the appropriate colors, and determine the placement of the logo on every bag. You can use up to three different ink colors. To aid in the sale of pre-packaged items, we can also add bar codes to the bags.

If you are interested in purchasing printed bags to advertise your product or company, contact us today.

We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure that your bags help your business get the exposure you desire so you can gain new customers more efficiently.