Learn How To Store and Clean Burlap

Learn How To Store and Clean Burlap

Hessian fabric is a rough woven fabric made from jute fibers commonly known as burlap. This durable fabric has numerous uses including home decorations, sandbags to prevent flooding, storage bags for coffee, and erosion control on steep embankments. 

One of the few downsides to this fabric is that it can start to fray and disintegrate if it's not washed using the correct method. What's more is that it can hold strong odors and stains. Things stored in burlap fabric that has not been cleaned will often start taking on the same smell. 

Storing Burlap

Because of its tendency to retain odors and to attract moisture, it is important to clean and thoroughly dry burlap before storing it. Any residue on the fabric can attract insects which will cause damage. 

Always store burlap fabric in a cool dry place. It will attract moisture and this can cause it to start molding even in a space with low humidity. 

If possible, don't fold burlap because it will get creases and wrinkles that are very difficult to remove. The best option is to roll the it. It won't take up much space and shouldn't get any wrinkles or creases. If you must fold a burlap item, do it along an existing seam. That way any creasing or wrinkling will blend with the seam. 

Do not store the fabric in the direct sun as it will start to fade and dry out, which makes it brittle and fragile. 

Cleaning Burlap

Burlap fabric should be cleaned using a gentle touch. 

Don't use a washing machine to clean it because it will start to fray and come apart in the swishing and tumbling of a typical washing machine. It also produces a lot of lint, which can cause problems for the machine. 

To wash burlap, you will need a container filled with cold water and some gentle

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