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Inexpensive Erosion Control in Developing Countries

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erosion3Soil erosion is a major concern all over the world. It may be a slow process that continues over time unnoticed, or a faster-paced disaster causing detrimental loss of topsoil. From Afghanistan, India, Nepal to Tibet, technologies preventing, mitigating or stopping soil erosion is a combination of learning to replace indigenous plants, make structural changes, and adopting new agricultural measures.


When Asked Paper or Plastic, Choose Jute Instead

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NYP-Corp Biodegradable Shopping bagsNYP Corp. manufactures textile packaging of burlap, jute, paper, cotton, feed & grain bags and emergency sandbags, is very proud to introduce a truly earth-friendly alternative shopping bag made entirely of natural jute.

Did you know that the average plastic bag can take up to 1,000 years to disintegrate? Each day millions of shoppers across the globe purchase products from large chain or retail stores and carry them home in a plastic bag. Once home, that bag is often thrown away to begin centuries of degrading. Precious wild, plant and ocean life throughout the planet are being harmed or killed from the toxic chemicals released when plastic begins to break down. Investing a small amount of money into a jute bag is a smart move not only environmentally, but economically as well.


Burlap Used to Protect Plant Life During Winter

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Burlap Used to Protect PlantsWith the winter season right around the corner, NYP-Corp. understand the importance of protecting your old and new outdoor plant life from the harsh elements of  winter.  Utilizing burlap provides superior protection from the roots to the top of each plant, shrub or tree.


Creative Ideas for Reusing Burlap Bags

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Burlap Bags CraftsKnown as jute or hessian, burlap has been described as durable, tough, and coarsely woven cloth that majority of the people know it as the component used for sandbags and the familiar coffee bag.


Growing Plants Using Burlap Bags

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Use Burlap for growing plantsIn our previous blog, “Lawn and Garden Uses for Burlap,” you learned how burlap can contain weeds, help seed growth, and for storage in limited spaces.

Burlap is entirely biodegradable and extremely versatile, it only makes sense that it can be useful in growing vegetables in your garden.