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Natural Plant Fiber Rugs

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blog4-1Most plant fiber rugs are awesome in high traffic areas, absorbing dirt and stains, and showing very little wear and tear while providing added warmth. If you have dogs, kids, frequent gatherings, or like eating food on the move, no worries. These rugs are good for an active home.


Plant Fiber Based Packaging

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A growing trend in packaging design and shipping insulation is the use of eco-friendly materials considered biodegradable and recyclable. Companies are becoming more and more socially responsible and aware that plant-based materials are a safe solution to reducing waste in landfills.

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Plant Fiber: Winter Insulation

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As winter approaches, we bundle up and spend more time indoors. Adjusting the thermostat to keep warm would not work well without insulation to keep the cold air out and the warm air in. We now have numerous applications in jute-nonwoven insulation. This fiber is a great insulator of both heat and sound. By adding low-grade wool and cotton to the fabric, it improves on its thermal qualities as it increases in bulk.

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Plant Fiber Products Used in Newest Versions of Synthetic Turf

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Artificial turf has come a long way since Astro-Turf which did not look, act, or feel real. Synthetic turf today, looks unbelievably realistic, is also water-resistant, heat-resistant, eco- friendly an d functions much more like the real thing. It is used largely on athletic fields to cut back on maintenance labor and keep costs down. There has also been more residential use in places where there are poor soil and drought making it tough to grow real lawns.

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