Burlap Winter Protection

Burlap Rolls used For Winter Protection When it comes to protecting your plants, the winter months can be especially challenging. From cold temperatures to freezing precipitation, your flowers, trees and shrubs can take a beating. It’s important to know how to properly prevent damage to your plant investments by using burlap.

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to offer your plants protection in the winter is to use burlap. Burlap can be used in a variety of ways, including as a burlap wrap, burlap fence and as a burlap screen. Each provides a unique layer of protection for trees, plants and shrubs, and when used properly, your plants will be able to stand up to even the coldest of conditions.

Burlap Wrap

Deciduous plants can benefit from being wrapped in a long, thin strap of burlap. The reason behind using one long strip, as opposed to bigger, wider pieces of burlap, is that you can ensure full-coverage as you wrap. Because trees have a variety of topographic features that are often uneven, using large, wide pieces of burlap can create gaps in coverage, leaving your trees open to damage from sunscald. Using a smaller, thinner strip of burlap allows you to completely cover more of the tree’s area, offering better protection against the elements.

Burlap Screen

You can also use burlap to protect evergreen plants by erecting a burlap screen around them during the winter. This screen can help you to prevent drying due to harsh winds, and when erected on all four sides of a tree, a burlap screen can also protect against harmful rays. Smaller evergreens will require a burlap screen from the ground up, and you can then fill the bottom portion of these smaller screens with leaves for extra protection, as well as for moisture retention.

Burlap Fence

Building a burlap fence by using burlap rolls is a great idea for protecting cedars, pines, spruces and maples. It should be noted that burlap has a tendency to trap salt within its fibers, so you need to monitor salt levels within any plants and areas that are covered by burlap. Burlap can also be a useful solution for keeping deer and other animals away from your trees and plants in the winter. It is important, however, to monitor the strength of your burlap fence in areas that receive heavy snow. If too much snow or ice accumulates on burlap fencing, it may cause the structure to fall apart or block essential airflow.

For more information on other ways to protect your plant life, read our previous blog – Burlap Used to Protect Plant Life During Winter.  NYP has proudly served the industrial, agricultural, and horticultural industries as well as many government agencies with burlap and other custom textile bags and packaging fabrics.

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