Burlap’s Many Uses for Halloween

blog2-1Whether its recycled burlap bags or actual bolts of burlap fabric from a craft store, this durable cloth is perfect for Halloween decorations, costumes, and bags to carry treats.

Burlap is often used for making masks modeled after movie characters. It can be glued to the exterior of a premade molded plastic mask, like those found in inexpensive holiday costume shops, to add a textured and weathered skin look. A breathable burlap sack over the head and tied loosely at the neck with jute cord can make a friendly scarecrow. It can also make a frightening Leatherface mask from the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre – the movie mask was actually burlap made to look like leather.

Recycled bags or rolls of burlap fabric can be used for an entire costume to create everything from zombies to ghosts. There is no need to be a great seamstress because the purpose of burlap at Halloween is to be shabby and worn with tears, holes, and patches strategically placed for effect. A hand sewn look and even safety pins will achieve the desired result. Burlap can drape easily over your heavier clothing on a chilly Halloween night.

Take a look at the characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas movie, Jack, Sally, and Oogie Boogie, with their sewn on smiles and scars as well as the ragdoll characters in the animated movie “9″ for ideas. Some spookier movie characters for inspiration are The Creep in Jeepers Creepers and the terrifying character in Scarecrow.

Even if you are not going out to collect Halloween booty, your home should welcome trick-or-treaters of all ages. A simple Halloween wreath made of scrunched up burlap on a re-formed wire hanger, or frame purchased from the local craft store, will greet your guests. Use burlap in its natural color, painted or stamped, or buy it already dyed in orange and black. Add some holiday embellishments with a glue gun.

Draping burlap with ragged edges, or suspending it from a porch roof, then adding some orange light strings, can delight younger children by creating a tunnel effect at your entranceway. Ghoulish looking creatures for the front yard can be made with a cross style frame, for a place to attach burlap at the shoulders of the cross, and mount a mask or pumpkin at the top. The flowing fabric will blow in the wind. Decorate the burlap cloth for a festive feel or a gruesome one; it works either way.blog2-2

Your visitors may arrive with used burlap sacks to carry their candy. Some bags may be sewn and include handles or be covered in Halloween inspired designs. They are easy to make by hand or with a sewing machine, but remember, imperfection is the style and imagination is the only thing necessary to create these bags. Line your own candy dish or bowl with burlap to continue the theme when handing out treats.

Burlap is durable and reusable. Halloween allows it to show its resourcefulness!

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