Burlap – The Breathable Plant and Tree Wrap

Burlap Root BallNYP has proudly served gardeners, landscapers and nurserymen with high quality burlap for their agricultural and nursery supplies since the 1950’s. They all love the use of  burlap as it offers a variety of  functions.  It not only protects tender roots of plants and trees from damage in handling, but it also allows oxygen to keep roots fresh and live.

Burlap is one of the best “green products” because over time, it is easily recycled. Natural burlap originates from the skin of the jute plant. Hence, its “green” properties. These natural properties are more compatible with live trees. This may be a good reason why nurseries choose a natural burlap wrap for roots of trees.

The Burlap Root Ball

Nursery growers most often choose to remove a live tree in the most advantageous procedures possible to avoid the tree going into shock when transplanted. Thus, burlap is filled with the original soil in which the tree was grown. Then, the soil is placed loosely around the roots to keep in moisture received from the soil and oxygen provided by burlap. The ends of the burlap are gathered to create the familiar burlap root ball.

Tree roots can still absorb minor damage if not handled properly upon purchase and transportation from a nursery. Transport the tree carefully to the location where it is to be planted. Check with the nursery as to whether the tree will need full sun or partial shade. Once a site is chosen, before you begin to dig the hole for the tree, check with local utility companies to insure no wires are located in that location.

Proper Procedures Handling Tree Wrapped In Burlap Root Ball

New tree plantings need roots deep enough to allow for natural growth. Dig a hole about three times the width of the root ball. The depth of the hole should be the length in size of the root ball. Place the tree into the freshly dug hole and remove the burlap gently.

Replace the soil from the hole around the base of the roots until the hole is filled. Give the soil a light watering but don’t oversoak. Then, continue to water on a daily basis for up to 7 days. No more than a pint of water should be used for each daily watering. This helps the tree to acclimate to the new location as well as avoiding transplanting shock to the root system.

Follow proper procedures for handling trees wrapped in burlap root balls for best results. NYP Corp. has proudly served America’s nursery growers with quality burlap, twine, shade clothes, wire baskets and many other related products since the 1950’s.

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