Jute Plant Fibers Create Burlap Spiral Tubing

blog2-1If you need flexible packaging, many will consider burlap spiral tubing as well as woven polypropylene (a thermoplastic polymer), available in heavy 7oz and extra heavy 10oz burlap. Woven spiral tubing is both versatile and durable. It is created by sewing the tube in a continuous roll with the edges sewn at a 45-degree angle or bias. The tube can stretch significantly and then close when pulled from the ends. The tubing works best when the edges can still overlap and are secured with wire ties.

Because they come in all sizes, whatever your packaging specifications are, spiral tubing can protect your odd-shaped, unique items or business products and it’s relatively inexpensive. They prevent your items from puncturing cardboard boxes and the need for double-boxing or wasted space requiring more packing materials.

Commercial Uses for Burlap:

  • Rolled Fabric
  • Rolled Rugs and Carpeting
  • Conveyor Belt Material
  • Rubber Hosing
  • Odd-Shaped Engineered Parts
  • Lightning Rods and Flag Poles
  • Straw erosion wattles for landscaping and road construction
  • Baled textile surplus
  • Rolled roofing materials
  • Whatever doesn’t fit in standard packaging


Residential Uses for Burlap:

  • Athletic equipment like skis, snowboards, and surfboards
  • Fishing rods and camping gear
  • Car parts including wheels and tires
  • Large instruments
  • Posters, wallpaper, fabric
  • Rugs or rubber exercise matting
  • Odd-shaped metal items
  • Bulky holiday gifts
  • Any triangular, cylindrical, round, and unusually long items

Each of these things has issues with travel if they are not packed properly. They can incur damages in transit by rolling off the conveyor belts and losing their shipping label causing delays in delivery. Shipping weights go from standard to large once they go beyond 70 pounds and when the length and girth around the thickest part of the package exceed 130 inches. Packaging effectively can save on shipping costs.

blog2-2Remember, as an item becomes longer, the middle becomes more fragile and snapping and breaking becomes an issue. When an item is hollow, you will want to place additional packaging material inside the empty spaces to support it. Many shipping problems can be avoided by spiral tubing that conforms to the shape of the item and with enough durability to protect it during transit. If necessary, it can certainly be used in combination with standard cardboard packaging.

On any tubular items, place the label width-ways instead of lengthways so the courier can easily scan the barcoded shipping label.

Any cylindrical item or unusually shaped products are packaged tightly by the stretch and return properties of burlap spiral tubing and woven polypropylene tubing. There is currently only one manufacturer of this plant fiber based product: NYP Corporation. They are easily found online and provide a heavy weight fabric composition that is not only durable but super flexible. For those who are concerned about the environment, these tubes are also renewable, reusable, and recyclable. As shipping needs change, so do the solutions.

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