Burlap and Canvas Shade Screens for the Summer

The applications of shade screen fabrics like jute and cotton based canvas and burlap are endless. Shade mesh is commonly used in agricultural and home garden settings to protect plants from over-exposure to the sun while allowing rain to seep through. It provides sun, shade, and wind protection.

If you are regularly setting-up and taking down a temporary shade tent, a shade screen can be a more permanent part of your yard and landscaping. They come in a variety of sizes and colors and can even be custom ordered to fit your specific situation.

At Homecanvas shade

Shade screens are useful for patio settings, especially in summer weather when we want to be outside but not exposed to extreme heat or damaging rays of the sun. They help decrease the temperatures inside your home by blocking direct sun and heat from the windows. Creating comfortable shade also increases privacy above and around a pool area. Applications at home include:

  • Play Areas
  • Gazebo Covers
  • Screened-in Porches
  • Umbrellas


Heavier tarps come in handy when camping to create clean space on the ground, shelter from above, and privacy from other campers. Treated tarps are water repellent and UV resistant in order to handle the elements and are excellent for cargo and equipment covers. These heavier duty cloths offer a wide range of uses, sizes, colors, and weights to suit your needs. They are simple to install and take down.

Pets and Livestockcanvas shade1

A roll of burlap or canvas provides protection all year for shade and shelter from the wind for outdoor pets in dog runs and kennels, small animal cages, chicken coops, or shade houses in pastures for livestock. As rugged as these fabrics are, you can easily mend a tear or fraying edges with waterproof fabric cement quickly.

Athletic Fields

Outdoor shade cloth rolls are often used in tennis courts and other athletic fields to shade the spectators, dugouts, bleachers, and to line the fencing for wind-block. Aside from heat and sun protection, custom shapes like sails, along with choices of colors, provides aesthetic appeal.

Canvas and burlap sails are breathable UV rated shades to block harmful UVA and UVB rays and continue to allow air to circulate. These shades allow rain to pass through and water will not collect or pool. Rolls, triangles, and squares can be ordered already prepared for mounting.

Proper Care

With proper tarp and shade screen maintenance, they can last for several years. This material is made of naturally strong fiber. When tears do develop, they need to be repaired as soon as possible to prevent spreading. If a tarp is not pitched correctly, long-term exposure to water can lead to mold and mildew. Use a finish coating for canvas that inhibits mildew growth and has UV protection.

When a tarp is not being used, wipe it down and wait until it’s completely clean and dry. Store in a dry place, away from outside elements to increase its lifespan.

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