Protect Plants From the Summer Sun with Burlap Sunshades

Protect Plants From the Summer Sun with Burlap Sunshades

Excessive sunlight causes damage to as many delicate plants as it does to people and pets. The heat of the sun causes moisture to evaporate faster than many living things can replenish it and can leave plants scorched and unable to complete photosynthesis.

The risks extend to trees after replanting as the heat and the rays of the sun can kill the tree. Sunshades help to avoid the risks of sunlight to delicate vegetation. The use of sunshades does not have to become a huge expense because it is easy to make these valuable accessories at home.

Sunshades made from burlap are an inexpensive, durable, and easily adaptable solution. Another benefit of using the materials specified is the moderately reflective light tan color of burlap and its open weave that allows airflow. Burlap and wire mesh adjust easily for the shape and size of any tree or sapling. Many buying options exist for materials like burlap and jute, or homeowners can recycle the burlap from old garden bags.

Gather Basic Materials

To make sunshades from burlap for a young tree it is necessary to gather some tools and materials. This project needs only basic material and tools, so many people will already have everything they need at home.

Assemble the Sunshade

Trim the wire mesh a few inches longer than the area it will cover. The extra length will allow you to round the material into an arch to secure into the ground. Cut a piece of burlap slightly larger than the wire mesh. Drape the burlap over the arch of the wire mesh and cut holes in even spaces along the bottom and sides of the cloth. Weave the twine through the holes you cut in the burlap to secure the material to the wire arch. Secure each end of the burlap into the ground with the bamboo stakes.

Create Sapling Shade

Cover saplings too small for a full-sized sunshade with a smaller design using the same materials. To create a protective cover, you should bend the wire mesh around the sapling to create a cylinder. The cylinder should fit easily over the top of the tree without causing any damage. Leave some space for growth while the shade is in use. Cut a circle from the burlap using the wire mesh cylinder as a template. Cut the circle slightly larger than the size of the cylinder. Cover the sides and top of the cylinder with the burlap and attach the material to the wire with the twine.

Scalded plants will struggle to grow and thrive and may even die during the hottest part of summer. Burlap sunshades prevent permanent damage without affecting the ability of the tree to gain nutrients or receive water.
Burlap sunshades are simple to remove and store, so they are reusable year after year.

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