Burlap Rolls Used to Protect Trees During Winter

Use Burlap to Protect Trees During Winter MonthsWinter conditions, including extremely cold weather and snow and ice, can cause irreparable damage to trees. The root systems of young trees can become disturbed by the cold nights followed by sunny days that freeze and then thaw the soil surrounding the trees.

The bark, especially of smooth bark trees, are susceptible to splitting due to those same conditions. Thin barked trees are also susceptible to sun scald during the winter months. That condition causes darkening and sunken areas on the bark. Burlap is a great material used to help prevent damage to your young trees.

In order to protect young trees, burlap rolls can be purchased in bulk from NYP-Corp and used to wrap around the trunk of the young tree from the bottom to just below the lowest branch. Burlap is a course cloth woven from hemp, jute or flax fibers. As a guide, approximately 10 feet of burlap will be needed for a tree that is approximately 2 inches in diameter. In the fall, after the leaves have fallen and before harsh weather arrives, the burlap should be loosely overlapped by about one-half inch and held in place with string or rope. This will protect the bark against splitting and sunscald by reflecting the sun and keeping the bark at a more constant temperature. It is also said that wrapping young trees with burlap will discourage woodpeckers from drilling into the trunk. To further protect the young trees, mulch can be placed around their base to help prevent the soil from freezing and thawing.

Young evergreens and deciduous trees can be damaged by heavy winter winds and using a burlap roll to create screens to help cut down the wind. Stakes should be driven into the ground around the trees and burlap wrapped from one stake to create a burlap barrier. This also helps protect the trees from exposure to drifting snow. Learn more ways to protect trees and plants from the harsh winter months.

It is important to protect young trees and evergreen and deciduous trees during harsh winter months. If they suffer winter damage, they are more vulnerable to attack by disease and insects that will create even more damage and may even result in their death. Burlap is an excellent option to help protect trees so that they will remain healthy and continue to be an asset to a homes landscaping design.

For additional information on other ways to protect your plant life, read  – Burlap Used to Protect Plant Life During Winter.  NYP-Corp has proudly served the industrial, agricultural, and horticultural industries as well as many government agencies with burlap and other custom textile bags and packaging fabrics.

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