Looking Forward to Using Burlap in the Fall

Plant fiber products like burlap come in handy for every season and, between yard work and holiday decorations, the fall is no exception.

Leaves and Yard Debrisfall-burlap

The leaves will be falling soon and once you’ve raked or blown them into a pile you’ll need to bag and transport them to another area of the yard, set them out to the curb for seasonal pickup, or haul them away yourself with a truck or trailer. Either way, burlap and canvas tarps are heavy duty fabric designed to take the abuse of dragging leaves and debris from one point to another. If you are headed for a compost pile out back, you may want to use the tarp to keep it covered until it has time to decompose.

Plant Protection

Plants and tender crops can use a little frost protection at night with lighter weight burlap cloth that is removed during the day. Fall is also the time to plant larger trees and bushes while they are dormant. Tree roots are wrapped in burlap when waiting for planting. The fabric can stay on to decompose in the ground later. Wrapping the bottoms of small tree trunks can protect them from mice and rabbits burrowing around the roots or simply build a barricade using burlap attached to stakes placed in the ground around the plant. Barriers and screens can block cold winds as winter approaches, just be sure to give plants room to breathe.

Treated and Non-Treated Burlap

In the yard, use non-treated, lower grade, easily biodegradable burlap to keep unnecessary chemicals away from plants and animals especially for any burlap going into the ground. Tarps and sacks for transporting debris can be treated because you need them to resist rips, tears, rotting, and repeated wetting and drying.

Chemicals used:

  • Copper Sulfate is used for wrapping root balls in nurseries. It slows the growth of the roots. It is not a good idea to reuse them.
  • Flame retardants are used in commercial environments because burlap is very flammable, some are non-toxic and also inhibit fungus and mold.
  • Organic and inorganic dyes give color for decorative uses. This is usually higher quality burlap made for design and craft projects.

Seasonal Decoratingfall-burlap-1

Burlap is easy to print, stamp or monogram for the holidays and fall themes. Buy a handful of stamps with autumn designs and get out some colorful paint. Pumpkins, gourds, and garlands look warm and inviting when sitting on a burlap tablecloth or runner created with your own ideas.  Wrap candles and mason jars to fill with treats. Try covering bowls and vases to fill with ornaments or dried flowers for centerpieces. Burlap garlands, wreaths, and welcome signs can sit out on the front porch. Need a new idea for wrapping gifts? Try decorating plain burlap bags, or accenting presents with burlap ribbon and handmade bows to add texture to your parties, birthdays, or holidays. Getting ready for fall can be fun.

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