Tis’ the Season for Burlap Gift Packaging

blog4-1What started out as packaging needs for agriculture, landscaping, and manufacturing, provides so much more in the retail space. Over the past 80 years, new practices and ideas evolved as technology and shipping advanced. Companies across the globe are using biodegradable products – jute, flax, hemp, reeds, starch, and sugar to produce their packaging.

There was a time when technology took us in the direction of inexpensive petroleum-based packaging for food, produce, and supplies, but the danger to the environment and rising costs of oil corrected the path back to natural products that are biodegradable, renewable, and sustainable.

Some of the largest retailers in the world have shifted to selling everything from produce to children’s toys, back to packing material and simple bags made of burlap, molded plant fiber, and polylactic acid (PLA) – a biodegradable thermoplastic derived from corn starch and combinations of reeds, tapioca roots or sugarcane. The choice to use biodegradable containers boosted sales of all kinds of new packaging, decreasing the use of hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil each year while saving space in landfills.

This Holiday Season

Whether you need a heavy jute bag to hold a large item or a small lightweight bag with an added drawstring closure, rough natural burlap bags are highly versatile and come in many sizes. If the natural fiber is not the look you want, there are softer jute, hemp, and flax pouches and bags that can be dyed different colors, have a smoother feel and can be customized with prints. Wine bags with rope handles, jute beach bags, reusable linen shopping bags, or a burlap bag you embellished yourself with ribbon or cord make any holiday gift distinct.

blog4-2Burlap is organic, durable, and very affordable. It can be cut to any size, printed in multiple colors, come with moisture proof linings or laminated exteriors. Not only are they used for machine parts, construction, vegetables, nuts and other snacks, but they showcase designs for commercial and retail brands. Large feed and coffee bags are great for storing things in or using for creative projects.

Get ideas by noticing the various customized retail shopping bags already out there as you make your holiday purchases, then buy your own plain bags to decorate with printed personal designs or messages to package gifts this holiday season.

Natural jute, hemp, and flax fabrics have different looks for packaging and decoration. They create an attractive mesh or loose weave, but when more tightly woven, it becomes heavier and stronger, still striking in design, as well as flexible. Buying rolls of burlap fabric can make an excellent window trimming or a backdrop for floral arrangements as well as a multitude of creative projects. Burlap bags reused from their original purpose in different industries have a natural beauty with branded logo prints that give them a unique worn style. Biodegradable bags can be ordered new for commercial uses for packaging, but also in retail stores for more personal uses, especially holiday gift-giving.

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