Burlap for Spring Landscaping

Prepare for Spring Flooding with Sandbags

Spring is here, which means it's time to prepare your landscaping for the spring months. It can be difficult and time consuming to maintain your garden, but there are some steps you can take to prevent potential issues that may come with caring for your garden. NYP Corp can supply landscape needs like burlap and other landscaping supplies to meet the needs of gardeners alike.

Stop Weeds in Their Tracks (Before They Grow)

Killing off weed systems is one way to care for your garden, but preventing weeds from growing at the start of the season will make this process even easier. You may feel like you'll never see the end of weeding your garden, but there are some steps you can take to minimize or eliminate this process all season long. Many gardeners use ground covers to keep weeds and grass growth under control. In warmer climates, weeds can overtake a garden in the blink of an eye. This can be an eye sore, but weeds may also damage your garden by taking valuable nutrients, water, and sunlight that your plants need.

Choosing the Right Ground Cover for Your Needs

When searching for a ground cover, gardeners have two choices. Black ground covers offer
heat absorption for early gardens, while burlap ground covers can be useful for curving weed growth and protecting your garden. Black ground covers can do this to an extent, but they must be removed after each growing season while their alternative will degrade naturally within the soil because it is made with natural plant fibers. Regardless of which method you prefer, covering your garden beds will make for a more productive growing season which will require less hands on work.

Tilling And Killing to Prepare for Early Planting

Before you can begin planting, the soil must be prepared in your garden area in order to achieve the best growing conditions. Tilling the soil is integral to this process, and will help to destroy the roots of weeds and grass in order to prevent infestation later in the growing season. The most effective way to go about this is to till the soil multiple times. Making sure to expose the roots of weeds and grass to the sun for extended periods of time will help to ensure your garden is started on a clean slate which is free of weeds or bothersome crab grass.

Protecting Growth in Early Spring

Crops that thrive in cooler temperatures can be the product of early spring gardens. A combination of raised beds and a ground cover will help to reduce weed growth by keeping germinated plants from reaching the sun. This will also better protect spring gardens against the sudden temperature changes spring may bring.

There are countless advantages to planting in early spring, but unexpected frost can make it difficult to have a successful early garden. Ground covers help to insulate the soil and absorb excess heat. If frost makes an appearance, the root systems of your garden vegetables are much better protected by a ground cover.

Since the 1950's, NYP Corp has provided nursery growers with quality twine, shade clothes, burlap, wire baskets, and other landscape supplies. Contact us today!