Biodegradable Plant Fiber Pots and the Environment

blog3-1Plant fiber fabric bags and pots have been used commercial nurseries for many years and now these fiber containers from manufacturers have become popular with home gardeners too. Instead of buying pots and planters made from heavy plastic or ceramic, using lightweight biodegradable containers makes plants easy to move around.

Plant fiber containers are mostly made from a thick non-woven molded fiber. Whether you are a patio gardener, planting vegetables or herbs in pots that are easy to reach, or have a full-size yard garden, biodegradable plant containers are a great choice. They offer a better growing atmosphere and a better rate of success for growing healthy plants. They are kind to the environment and your budget.

Fiber bags and pots allow more air to circulate in the soil for a strong root system. Without proper aeration, roots can bind and circle within the container, becoming root bound and damaging the plant. Plant roots in fiber pots and bags will produce larger root systems.

Water tends to evaporate more quickly in plant fiber containers which help to keep the temperature of the soil cooler. Roots are protected from overheating in extremely hot weather. That means it is important to water the plants frequently. No need to worry about watering too much and causing root-rot because the additional water will wash out from the bottom of the pot or bag. For this reason, you will also need to replace fertilizer and nutrients more often.

Plant roots in fabric pots can grow right through the bottom into the soil. If you want your plant to remain stationary, this will improve plant growth, otherwise, you may need to re-pot the plant. Fiber pots come in various sizes and choosing the right size container for your plant makes a big difference in healthy growth.

Pots that are too large for the plant can hold too much moisture and cause root rot. Containers that are too small can cause plants to become root bound or cause roots to spread outside of the fiber pot into the ground.

Biodegradable Products

blog3-2In our disposable product culture, we need to buy and use materials that can be recycled. Biodegradable products like plant fiber bags and pots help the trends toward green living. Whether it is through gardening or other endeavors, we need to be aware of using recyclable and reusable products in our homes and at work that is environmentally friendly.

The word biodegradable was previously misused by manufacturers. Until very recently there were no rules, guidelines, or regulations for products that were labeled as biodegradable. Many were made of plastics and chemicals that were not. They should be items that are being made of renewable resources that can be collected directly from nature and can completely decompose with the help of micro-organisms. They do not have harmful chemicals, plastic coatings, require an excessive energy source to produce, and are plant based.

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