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Beautify Your Winter Landscaping

Beautify Your Winter Landscaping

Spring and summer are the time of year when a person’s yard looks pristine, with lush green grass, beautiful flowers, and gorgeous flowering trees. But the closer we move into the winter months, we tend to find that the spring and summer beauty has disappeared, only to be replaced with leafless trees and brown, dormant grass. The good news is that winter landscaping can be as beautiful as your spring and summer landscaping.

Here are several ideas for a beautiful winter landscape.

Evergreen Trees

One way you can help your winter landscape look lush and beautiful year-round is by planting evergreens. Ice and snow are a part of winter, especially if you live in the northeast, which is why your landscaping should include plants that will keep it beautified all throughout the year. Evergreens add lots of color, and there are a variety of different colors to choose from. Blue Spruces, for instance, are a blueish color, while Weeping Norway Spruces add plenty of visual interest to your landscaping. They can be used to separate different areas or as accent points in your landscaping. Regardless of the season, these plants will always be beautiful.

Using Food and Water to Attract Birds

It’s not always as easy to attract birds in the winter as it is in the summer. For one thing, bird baths freeze in frigid temperatures. But you can take some steps now to ensure that birds will still bring activity, color, and life to your yard.

Make sure that your bird feeder has plenty of seeds in it. It is more difficult for birds to find food in the winter, so a full bird feeder can make your yard a desirable place for birds to feast. You could also use a heated dog bowl as a bird bath so it will not freeze over. Last, but not least, you should plant shrubs with winter berries such as holly and crabapples. They attract birds and add some color to your yard.

Landscape Lighting

While you may not have considered adding new lighting to your landscaping, it can make a huge difference during the winter months when the sun sets earlier. You, as well as your neighbors, typically don’t enjoy the landscape as much during the winter months. A creative lighting design can make your landscaping more interesting and help bring beauty to it. Whether you are using a spotlight to highlight certain plants or you are using an encompassing light to make your entire yard brighter and livelier, this added touch can significantly impact your landscape.

Firepits can also add to your landscaping, especially when used during the winter months. You can enjoy a hot spiced wine or roast marshmallows to provide some warmth in cold weather. While winter is often associated with dying plants and cold, depressing weather, a firepit can add beauty to your home and offer additional opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, even in frigid temperatures.

Repurposing Existing Decorations

Do you have any flowerpots that are interwoven throughout your landscaping or in front of your home? If so, they can be repurposed. You can use the decorative wheelbarrow that you would normally use to grow annuals and plant some new annuals to add color in other ways.

If you have a bird bath on your property, it probably gets a lot of use during the spring and summer months, but it can take on an entirely different purpose during the winter. You can move it into an empty area of your property and use it as a sculpture piece instead. It will not only fill in some gaps, but it will also showcase an existing piece of your outdoor décor in a creative and fresh way within your landscaping.


Adding a trellis or a bench can add both coherence and color to your winter landscaping, even if you won’t be able to use your bench or plant any vines on the trellis before spring. If you have some time in the early part of the season before it gets very cold, you may want to purchase or build a fireside retreat that will keep you warm even on snowy days.

Preparing Your Yard for Winter

The ultimate goal of your landscaping should be to avoid just focusing on the ground. You want to make your yard look pleasing, but you also want to draw a person’s eyes away from the ground, as it will be covered with snow throughout much of the winter.

Regardless of warmth and the weather, when it comes to landscaping, you need to make choices around the year. If you are having trouble visualizing how your landscaping should look, you may want to ask some landscaping professionals to help you.

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