Be Prepared This Flood Season with a Flood Safety Kit

Creating a Flood Safety KitTropical Storm Andrea was the first names storm this Hurricane season.  Rain has been heavy this year with flooding becoming a big concern across the U.S. for homeowners.

Are you prepared if this happens to you? Be prepared to try to hold back the flood waters by using filled sandbags, such as emergency sandbags available from NYP Corp.

By buying pre-filled sandbags you save valuable time by not having to find and fill bags yourself. Read a previous blog and learn how to protect your home from flooding this year.

Family Plan of Action

Decide on a place to meet that is on high ground and make sure everyone has a map with at least two ways to get to that location in case one is impassible. Know where the nearest evacuation center is, include a map and phone number.

Have an emergency kit ready. Your kit should include a first aid kit, a battery operated radio, a flashlight, and fresh batteries for both. You should have waterproof foods ready in case you need to get stranded without electricity, such as packaged granola bars, trail mix, canned goods and a can opener, juice boxes and plenty of bottled water. The water in your municipal water system, or even in your own well, may not be safe to drink due to contaminants from flood waters and sewer and septic systems.

Make sure to have dry blankets and warm clothes sealed in plastic as well as dry shoes and socks. Keep a copy of important documents (insurance policies, marriage licenses, birth certificates and jewelry- anything you don’t have in a safe deposit box elsewhere) sealed in plastic bags to take with you in the event of an evacuation. Always have a fully charged cell phone in case of an emergency. Place valuable or important items that you will not take with you as high up as possible in your home. You may even want to back up your computers on portable devices such as external hard drives or thumb drives.

Keep your vehicle full of fuel in case you have to evacuate, but be prepared to abandon your vehicle if you come across water that is over the road and  don’t take any chances by driving through it. You don’t know what condition the road is in or how deep or fast the water is flowing below your vehicle.

Never try to swim or walk through flood waters. Contaminants can make you ill or cause infections. The rising water can hide hazards, and the flow can cause sweep you away or cause you to drown.

With these helpful tips on preparing a flood safety kit, you can be prepared for Mother Natures havoc.  Contact NYP Corp today and speak to a service representative and learn more about the variety of sandbags available.

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