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Proper Handling of Sandbags Used for Floods

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Proper Handling of Sandbags Used for FloodsAfter the floodwaters dissipate, the citizens are responsible for the cleanup, which includes the proper handling or disposal of emergency sandbags for floods. When handling and disposing sandbags, it is important to keep safety first. Soiled sandbags are exposed to much bacteria and other contaminants and must be handled with care. Learn more by reading a previous blog How to Correctly Dispose Sandbags After Flooding.


The Benefits of Shade Cloths

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The Benefits of NYP Corp Shade ClothShade cloths are useful for a variety of reasons, especially in hot and sunny conditions. They are most often used in gardening, but their use can make enjoying the outdoors a more comfortable experience. Learn about the benefits of using a shade cloth and below.


NYP Corp’s Industrial Packaging

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Upholstery Supplies by NYP CorpNYP Corp produces burlap bags, other agricultural supplies, industrial, horticultural and textiles. It was founded in 1946 on the principles of pride, integrity, and reliability.


Woven Polypropylene and Burlap Spiral Tubing

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Spiral TubingIf you need woven spiral tubing, then you need to contact us.  As the only US bag manufacturer of flexible packaging product, with over 50 years of company experience, we can be sure that our time-tested product will perfectly meet your needs. As well as woven polypropylene (a thermoplastic polymer used in a variety of applications), our spiral tubing is available in heavy 7oz and extra heavy 10oz burlap.

This variety means whatever your packaging specifications are, our spiral tubing can give you the wrapping protection you need, and at the right price.