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Sandbags Used to Protect Your Home From Flooding

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Sandbags Used to Protect Properties from FloodingFloods are the number one cause of damage to private property in the United States. With a potentially wet spring and summer ahead, it is critical for you to act now to protect your property from floodwater damage.

You can use several techniques to protect your home and minimize the destruction and costs of repairs. Some of these methods are simple and only require a small investment in money, time and material.

NYP Corp provides sandbags, emergency sandbags and pre-filled sandbags in stock ready to help business owners and homeowners properly protect their property from severe flood damage.


Snowmelt Causes Flooding

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Flood Protection with NYP Corp Sandbags

With spring just around the corner and the snow beginning to melt, the risk of basement or property floods from snowmelt significantly increases. Flooding can cause massive structural damage to homes or other buildings, and mold and other disease-causing bacteria thrive on wet dry wall or submerged carpet.

Protect Your Property

Protecting homes against snowmelt should be the number-one priority for all building owners. NYP Corp produces and distributes a full line of Military and commercial grade sandbags ideal for protecting against rising flood waters.