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Nursery Supplies – Wire Baskets

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Nursery Supplies - Wire BasketsTree roots need protection until the tree is planted. The balled and burlap method avoids most root damage. The method holds the roots and soil in place and makes transplanting easier.

The technique improved over the past decade. Tree roots balled and burlapped, with biodegradable, no-rot burlap, are now placed in a wire basket. The baskets do little or no harm to a tree and are planted right along with the roots. NYP Corp delivers exceptional and affordable wire baskets to nurserymen.


Flood Safety Awareness Week March 18 – 22

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NYP Corp Provides Sandbags for Food ProtectionFlooding occurs every month of the year and affects all regions of the country. People are generally more concerned with tornadoes, hurricanes and even snowstorms than flooding even though flash floods cause more deaths than any other weather related event. Educating citizens about various aspects of flooding  is the primary goal of Flood Safety Awareness Week.

The National Weather Service (NWS) created Flood Safety Awareness Week to increase the public’s understanding of the causes of floods, inform them of the NWS’s role in forecasting and issuing flood warnings and educate them on how to protect themselves and their property. Flood Safety Awareness Week takes place each March with varying local events and programming.