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Flooding is #1 Most Common Natural Hazard in the U.S.

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Sandbags can Help Protect Properties from FloodingIn terms of the cost and number of people affected, floods are the primary natural hazard in the United States. A single flood incident can cause billions of dollars in damages and displace thousands of people. Floods can destroy homes, businesses, and infrastructure, and kill humans, livestock, and other animals in their path. Structures which survive the flood itself may be damaged beyond repair. In 2011, 33 states were affected by some degree of flooding. Total damages for 2011 exceeded $8 billion dollars and over 100 people were killed.


Most Common Sources of Flooding

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NYP-Corp Provides Filled Sandbags for Flood ProtectionFlooding can be a devastating experience for homeowners to go through and should be prepared. NYP-Corp is a manufacturer and supplier of all types of bags including emergency sandbags and filled sandbags for flood protection.  If not properly protected, floods can destroy homes, businesses, and possessions, and can also be dangerous if the floodwaters are contaminated with bacteria or other toxins.