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Different Types of Sandbags

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NYP-Corp SandbagsWhen there are catastrophic storms, such as the recent Sandy tropical storm, it’s essential to be aware of the various sandbags available. You may be curious as to what the different types of sandbags there are, as well as all their many uses, below is an overview of sandbags and their uses. When you’re looking for sandbags, you want to have the option of getting these custom sized. You may also require add printing. The most useful sandbags are those with self-closing filling valves, as well. And because every need is a little different, it’s necessary to have assorted material constructions and weights at your disposal. (more…)

What to Do Following a Flood

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Emergency Sandbags Used for Flood ProtectionEach year, floods cause billions of dollars in damages to homes, businesses and communities. From crop damages to basement flooding, total destruction of buildings and loss of important belongings, the effects of a flood can be long-lasting and overwhelming.  If your home or property has been damaged by flooding, there are steps that you can take right away and in the coming days to ensure safety and security.