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Burlap Rolls Used to Protect Trees During Winter

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Use Burlap to Protect Trees During Winter MonthsWinter conditions, including extremely cold weather and snow and ice, can cause irreparable damage to trees. The root systems of young trees can become disturbed by the cold nights followed by sunny days that freeze and then thaw the soil surrounding the trees.

The bark, especially of smooth bark trees, are susceptible to splitting due to those same conditions. Thin barked trees are also susceptible to sun scald during the winter months. That condition causes darkening and sunken areas on the bark. Burlap is a great material used to help prevent damage to your young trees.


Halloween Decorations with the Use of Burlap

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Burlap Used for Halloween CraftsIt’s time for Halloween decorating! Why not try something new this year? Instead of purchasing the same overdone decorations from a store, why not create your own? Using plant-based, biodegradable burlap, you can create your own eco-friendly Halloween decorations. Below are just a few creative ways to incorporate burlap into your next Halloween decorations.