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How to Clean and Remove Odors From Burlap

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Cleaning and Remove Odors from BurlapBurlap can be used for a number of reasons. For instance, people often use it to make sandbags and storage bags. Since burlap has a rustic look, it is also a great material to use while making arts and crafts. For those who enjoy craft projects, they can get burlap rolls from NYP Corp. The only downside is that they tend to have a bad smell. Fortunately, the foul odors can be removed by using any of the following methods.


Different Uses for Burlap

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Uses fro NYP-Corp Burlap

The uses for burlap are many, varied and quite creative. This coarsely woven durable biodegradable natural breathable cloth is also known as jute or hessian and has a long history of being used in a wide variety of traditional ways as well as in new creations that are only limited by one’s imagination. It is very inexpensive for a fabric with such a nice texture.