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Three Primary Flood Types: Their Dangers and Damages

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Flood Protection by Using Emergency SandbagsFloods have been a natural affliction of the human race since long before biblical times; nature has gifted them with the potential power to wipe out entire towns, villages, and families. They have been recorded in almost every culture’s historical documents as destroyers of homes and livelihoods.


Sisal Twine and Its Uses

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NYP-Corp Sisal TwineIn typical terms of the word, sisal indicates both a plant and the fiber that is utilized from the botanical to make twine and rope. Due to inadequate accounts, the origin of sisal is unknown, but what is recognized is that sisal became widely cultivated during the 19th century in Florida, the Caribbean islands, and in Brazil.


Protect Plants in Summer with Burlap

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Protecting Plants from Hot Sun With BurlapIntense summer sun is not good, for people, animals, or plants. Hot days rob the Earth of moisture and dry the tender leaves of even the most sun-friendly plants. Plants, which are new to the garden, are the most vulnerable to sun damage. The sun rapidly robs young plants of stored water, scorching their tender leaves and making photosynthesis impossible.