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Wire Baskets – Remove Before Planting?

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NYP-Corp Tree Wire BasketsNYP Corp. has proudly served America’s nursery growers with quality burlap, twine, shade clothes,  and wire baskets. Wire baskets are commonly used by many nurseries to support a tree’s root ball. The question that lingers in the minds of many people, however, is whether the basket should be removed when planting, or even whether it should be used at all. Does the basket present harm for the tree? Or would stakes be better to use?


What Causes Flooding?

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Sandbags Used to Prevent Flood Damage  Flooding is one of the most serious natural disasters all over the world. It is estimated by United States Federal agencies that 125 people die every year in flood conditions. While many people live in high risk areas, those who live in lower risk areas may also sustain damage from flood waters if the weather conditions are favorable for flooding.